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Woof Woof.




I came into the Jones family in March 2016, which right now is three weeks ago, from Stokenchurch Dog Rescue Centre where my previous owner had left me after having a bad accident. The Jones's didn't like my previous name so they chose to rename me "Jessop" (after the canal engineer, not the camera shop). Don't you think it's a splendid name for Telford's successor? Of course it also gives me a great opportunity to ignore them when they call me, by pretending that I haven't learned my new name yet, which is why they won't let me run and play off the lead. That's a shame because as an energetic 2-year old I really want to run about and play everywhere; maybe I need to re-think my strategy.

I just love meeting new people and making new doggy friends - and as long as the world doesn't run out of tennis balls for me to carry around then I will be permanently happy. I was even happy when they took me out on the boat and I fell in, twice within the first 5 minutes, but maybe it would be better if I didn't make a habit of it!

UPDATE 6 months later. I am now doing really really well with the Jones family. I have learned my name properly, and I usually come back when they call me, so now I can spend most of my time off the lead (in safe places only, of course; I really don't understand about roads and traffic) which means I can run and swim and fetch a tennis ball when it's thrown. As a result I've lost all my excess weight and I'm really fit and healthy (and usually a bit hungry, hint hint!). I've also learned how to be a good boat dog, staying on the deck without falling in or jumping off, and thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to explore a different stretch of towpath every day. Oh yes, life here is good!

FURTHER UPDATE in summer 2017 my behaviour was so good, and my friendly manner was so easily bringing a smile to people's faces, that I decided to apply to be a Pets as Therapy (PAT) dog. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of assessment, and I passed the exam to become a fully registered PAT dog a few weeks later.

My predecessors


Maysi only stayed with us for 3 months. She came to us from Stokenchurch Dog Rescue Centre with a major problem of being afraid of strangers. We taught her to welcome strangers into the house and she was blissfully happy in her new home, but she never settled when she was outdoors. She got so stressed when she saw people, birds, dogs, or other animals that we were just unable to teach her how to cope with the big scary outside world. Eventually we decided - very sadly because we loved her dearly -  that she would be happier if she went back to the kennels.



Telford died in 2015 after a 14-year lifetime of infinite fun; he was totally brainless but enthusiastic about everything - what better approach to life could there possibly be? We reckon he once saw a sign that said "a puppy is for life" and thought it sounded like good advice because even though he had to grow old he successfully avoided growing up. This is what he wrote many years ago.



Hello I'm Telford the official Jones family dog. I'm very noisy but I'm also very very obedient and I have lots of fun all the time. I was named Telford as some friends already had a Brindley so here I am (James Brindley built curly canals, dog Brindley had curly hair; Thomas Telford built straight canals, and I've got straight hair). I'm the newest addition to the house arriving in August 2002 to keep Molly company. Another VERY important job of mine was to teach Molly how to play as she didn't know. I worked very hard by barking at her, chasing her and chewing her ears at all times of the day and after a lot of training she learned to play with me just a little bit. She would always win, though.

My bestest trick is that I can jump straight up into the air several feet from a standing start. I can also run very fast, but I can't work out how to do them both at once so I can never manage to jump over things.


Sadly Molly has now passed away. After 14 years she decided that life was getting just too difficult for her, and she now waits at the "rainbow bridge" for us to join her. This is what she wrote for us a few years ago


I'm Miss Millenium Molly Mad-dog but you can just call me Molly. I'm a rescue dog from Battersea. I'd had lots of owners when mum and dad came to get me in September 2001 when I was only 18 months old. This was because I kept eating things, not just dog food but irons, vases and other household objects. Luckily for me Mum and Dad gave me lots of love and taught me it was very naughty to eat things that weren't dog food and now I know that if I'm good and don't eat things I shouldn't then I get lots of fuss and sweeties for being good. I still like to chew mums oven glove but don't tell her cos I'm sure she doesn't know!!!

I'm getting rather old now. Sometimes my joints get a bit stiff so I can't walk for miles or jump over fences like I used to, and I do get a bit confused about where I am so I just have to bark and wait for someone (or Telford) to come and get me. I sleep most of the time, but that means I wake up very early in the mornings and Mum has to wake up as well and let me out into the garden. But I have to say, I am really enjoying my old age.


Earlier Jones Family Dogs


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